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Solar Panels


MCE Electrical Contractors Ltd have partnered with Solar Panel manufacturers, Solarbond, who bring to the market a new generation of solar panels.

Solarbond’s innovative solar panel technology has been specifically designed to eliminate the issues many commercial buildings have with the structural strength of their sheet metal roofs.


Solarbond’s flexible, extremely light weight panels achieve the same output as traditional panels, with the same lifespan, but weigh in at only 2.3kg per square meter.


Transform your building with cutting-edge and sustainable energy. Install effortless and high-performance solar panels today

Installation time is minimised as panels are bonded directly to the metal clad roof - no need for the heavy framework of traditional panels. Solarbond’s patented bonding adhesive has been thoroughly tested in all weather conditions 


Warranty on the roof is protected as there is no need to penetrate the roof with fixings

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