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Battery Storage

We believe that battery storage is the crucial element in combating ever-rising energy costs.

With the use of a cheap, off-peak tariff, and some adjustments in the way you use your electrical appliances, you could ensure that your batteries are charged at a time when energy prices are at their lowest (overnight for example) and use this stored energy when you need it.

We have seen this strategy used to great effect, and in some cases dependence on the national grid can be limited to just a few hundred pounds a year - or less.


Your solar panels will happily generate green energy for your home through the day, but what happens at night?

Once the sun sets, your solar panels will stop generating electricity, and you will go back to relying upon the electricity grid and paying for your energy. For some people this is fine, but for those who want more independence from the grid, and the ability to take advantage of cheaper energy rates through the night, we offer battery storage.

A battery system will save up excess energy generated throughout the day, and put it to use on an evening or night time. This is especially useful if you work through the day, and most of your energy consumption occurs in the evening

What happens if I already have solar but I want a battery adding to my system?

That’s not a problem – We can use your existing system and install a battery that works with what you already have. Talk to our team of experts to find out more

Sunset on Solar Panels

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

You could reduce your Co2 emissions by up to 53 tons over the lifetime of your solar array

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