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Sunset on Solar Panels

Solar PV & Battery Storage

The Future of Energy Generation

Solar panels are the worlds fastest growing renewable energy solution, and with the current rise in energy prices there has never been a better time to choose renewable energy for your home.

Renewable Energy Solutions for Commercial Businesses?

With the use of solar panels and battery storage, you could dramatically reduce your energy bills

A staff checking solar panels

MCE Electrical Contractors Ltd will provide a full survey of your home, including energy saving calculations, structural calculations, estimated payback timescale, and estimated overall savings you would make over the lifetime of your solar array.

Installing Solar Panels

Let the sun work on your behalf.

Solar panels allow you to generate your own energy from the suns rays, and reduce your independence on the national grid. With the Smart Export Guarantee, you can even earn money back by exporting solar energy from your panels and back into the grid.


Do this, or save your excess energy in your batteries – the choice is yours.

Installing Solar Panels

With the Governments recent decision to reduce to rate of VAT on solar panels to 0%, there has never been a better time to invest.

Government guidance suggests that a typical household will save £1000 on their solar installation alone, plus the yearly energy savings.VAT at 5% will return for all solar panels in March 2027.

Sunset on Solar Panels

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

You could reduce your Co2 emissions by up to 53 tons over the lifetime of your solar array

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in the UK – are solar panels going to have any effect on my bills, even if it isn’t always sunny?

Contrary to popular opinion, the UK actually benefits from a similar volume of solar energy to many of our European neighbours, including Germany, which is currently one of the foremost solar energy generating countries.

Do I need to add a battery to my solar array?

The addition of a battery allows you to make use of the excess energy your solar PV system may generate. You can store the energy you generate during the day when you are out of the house, and use it when you get home from work. Please get in touch to discuss the different types and sizes of battery we can offer you, depending on your requirements.

Do I need to worry about planning permission?

The installation of solar panels does not require you to get planning permission, as they fall under the permitted development category of installation works. There are some exceptions to this however, for example of your home is a listed building.

Is my roof in the right position for solar panels?

There are some factors determining the amount of sun your roof may receive. Some examples are:

  • Shading from trees or other buildings

  • The orientation of your roof – North, South, East or West

  • The pitch of your roof in degrees

Some North facing properties may not generate as much solar energy due to the orientation of the roof.

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We believe that battery storage is the crucial element in combating ever-rising energy costs.

With the use of a cheap, off-peak tariff, and some adjustments in the way you use your electrical appliances, you could ensure that your batteries are charged at a time when energy prices are at their lowest (overnight for example) and use this stored energy when you need it.

We have seen this strategy used to great effect, and in some cases dependence on the national grid can be limited to just a few hundred pounds a year - or less.

Split the Cost Over Manageable Monthly Payments

We are able to offer finance for eligible customers from 24 trusted lenders, starting from a minimum of £1,000 upto the full cost of your solar panel system

• Soft search (will not affect your credit score)

• Decision within 5 minutes

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